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LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor

Our LeadsOnlabs MethMonitor provides investigators with a fast, secure, user–friendly system to identify suspects in real-time.

Benefits of using MethMonitor

  • Fast, secure, and totally digital.
  • Track purchases of meth precursors in real time.
  • Elminates the need for paper logs.
  • Pharmacies-to-pharmacy information sharing in real time.
  • Generate automatic alerts of suspicious activity.

State laws and the federal Combat Meth Act require pharmacies to limit access to, and record sales of, over–the–counter products containing methamphetamine ingredients, such as pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine. Steps taken to limit excessive purchases of these products and record their sales have contributed to a reduction in the number of meth labs, but the paper logs used by pharmacies are cumbersome and expose customers to a risk of identity theft.

"Meth cooks create a host of problems for us when they're here to buy pseudoephedrine. They commit crimes in town and harass pharmacists within stores. We want meth cooks to think of our city as place where you don't bother going."

Chief Danny Bradley, North Little Rock, Arkansas

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