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This is our spot to brag a little bit. Check out some of the great press we've gotten – and you'll get a good idea of how Leads is helping solve crimes across the country.

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Do you have a good story to share with us and think it should make the front pages? Let us know at communications@leadsonline.com. and we'll help spread the word in your community.

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For all qualified media requests or to set up an interview, please contact our Communications Director, Lindsay Williams, at communications@leadsonline.com.

Check this area often for the latest on LeadsOnline, including press releases and news items. And be sure to check out our Success Stories for testimonials from our clients.

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Lindsay Williams

Communications Director

A journalism graduate from the University of North Texas, Lindsay is a journalist turned communications and media relations pro. It's no secret that crimes are solved every day with LeadsOnline, and she works closely with the investigators and their public information officers to let their community know about the work they are doing to recover stolen property for crime victims. In her years since joining LeadsOnline, she has formed a vast network of law enforcement officers who all have a unique expertise in a variety of fields. On any given day she is able to connect journalists with law enforcement experts who can be a knowledgeable source for their story, even if it's a tight deadline.

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